Harmony Snacks

Bags of Harmony Mega Mountain Trail Mix, Harmony Amped Omega-3 Trail Mix, and Harmony Colossal Keto Trail Mix
Bag of Harmony Mega Mountain Trail Mix

Mega Mountain Trail Mix

Reward your taste buds and paddle onward with this delicious sweet & salty blend of nuts, raisins, and chocolate

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Bag of Harmony Colossal Keto Trail Mix

Colossal Keto Trail Mix

This carefully selected blends of nuts, roasted edamame, and dried cheese is low in net carbs and sugar while still being packed with delicious flavor

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Bag of Harmony Amped Omega-3 Trail Mix

Amped Omega-3 Trail Mix

Loaded with ALA Omega-3 Fatty Acids, nutrients and great taste, this mix of wholesome, simple ingredients is sure to give you a boost and keep you satisfied all day long

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Our Story

It all began in 1969. Two surfing buddies in Santa Cruz, California were hungry, but didn't want to miss the next big wave. So, they made a delicious portable snack that included nuts & dried fruit, creating the original Harmony® trail mix. Soon after, local friends and family were asking for the surfers' snacks and the Harmony® brand was born.

Today, Harmony's tradition of tasty & nutritious snacks is still carried out in California, home to some of the world's finest walnuts and almonds, to ensure that every Harmony® snack is crafted with the right blend of high-quality ingredients to fuel your next adventure!

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